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I am a Data Engineer with a wealth of experience in the tech industry. My career has spanned a diverse range of roles including Reporting Analyst, Ambulatory Analyst, Tech Support Agent, Computer Operator, Forensics Intern, and 3D Designer. This breadth of experience has provided me with a unique perspective on the industry and the ability to approach problems from multiple angles. My expertise includes working with ETL processes, Data Lakes, and Machine Learning Models, as well as building and using APIs. I am proficient in SQL and Python and continually strive to stay abreast of new technologies. My goal is always to leverage these tools and skills to deliver creative and competitive solutions for my customers. One of my core beliefs is that technology, when used effectively, should make things easier, not more complicated. This principle guides my work, and I am always looking for ways to simplify processes and make the user experience more effortless. When I'm not working with data, I enjoy studying and spending time with my family. I believe that a balanced life is key to sustained productivity and creativity in the workplace. My tech stack includes Azure, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lakes, Azure Databricks, Delta Lake, Azure Functions, Python (Pandas, Spark). These tools empower me to address a wide range of data engineering challenges and deliver high-quality results. As you consider your data engineering needs, I invite you to consider how my skills and experience could benefit your team. I am confident that together, we can navigate the complex world of data and achieve outstanding results.

  • Name: Christopher Shehu
  • Address: Indianapolis
  • Email: chris@cshehu.com
  • Phone: 607-262-1131

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Data Factory


Unleashing the Power of Data

Specialized Services Tailored to Your Needs

Discover a range of expertly delivered services, designed to harness the power of your data and drive your business forward.

Delta Lake Implementation

Unlock the boundless capabilities of your data with Delta Lake, uniting and scaling your valuable assets.

Data Processing Pipelines

Transform, consolidate, and prepare your data for insightful analysis with our expertly designed processing pipelines.

Data Warehousing

Experience the power of cloud-based data warehousing for efficient handling and deeply insightful data analysis.

Real-Time Data Processing

Leap into the future with real-time data processing, enabling instant insights and proactive business decisions.

Data Migration

Effortlessly transition from on-premise to cloud with our seamless data migration services, bridging gaps and opening opportunities.

Cloud Implementation & Management

Maximize your data potential with our cloud implementation and management, optimizing storage, processing, and analysis.

Database Design

Craft a scalable, efficient database tailored to your needs with our comprehensive database design services.

Databricks Management & Optimization

Amplify your big data analytics and optimize resource usage with our expert Databricks management services.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Your Data?

Embark on a journey to uncover the untapped potential of your data with a seasoned Data Engineer. My expertise in Python development, data engineering, and databricks management is designed to catalyze your business growth. Contact me now to transform your data landscape into a powerhouse of insights and propel your business forward.

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My Projects

Discover my innovative solutions and technical expertise through a selection of my recent projects.

Enterprise Delta Lake Solution

Data Engineering, SQL, Azure, Databricks

Closed Source

Advanced Analytics Platform

Databricks, Big Data, Data Science

League of Legends Data Dashboard - In Progress

Advanced Analytics in Gaming

Advanced Streaming Solution

Databricks, Streaming Data, Delta Lake

Closed Source

Tea Company Dashboard

PostgressSQL, Dashboards, Analytics

In progress

Data Engineering Wiki

Data Engineering, Training, Education

Ongoing - Contributor

Spotify Clone Project

SQL, PostgressSQL, Rest API


Medical Diagnosis Bot

Python, Medical Workflow, Asessments

Complete, Private

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Stay tuned for insightful articles on data engineering, technology trends, and industry best practices.

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Unleash the Potential of Your Data Projects

Experience the power of data engineering excellence tailored to your unique needs. As a specialist in data engineering, I am committed to helping you leverage the full potential of your projects, enabling you to thrive in the dynamic data landscape.

Far beyond traditional approaches, I employ advanced techniques to enhance our collaboration and drive impactful results. Through effective communication and strategic interventions, we'll create robust data pipelines that propel your business forward.

Contact me today to embark on a transformative journey. Together, we'll co-create cutting-edge solutions that unlock the true value of your data, fuel innovation, and drive your success.

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Address: Indianapolis Indiana, USA

Website cshehu.com